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PriusBlue EVents

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Click show for a short list of the current PHEV conversion and kit options for the Toyota Prius.

For Prius conversion details see the Prius PHEV article and comparisons table.

  1. Ron's Original PriusPlus History and current Contactor Based PriusPlus documentation for DIY projects.
  2. Ryan's PriusBlue is the testbed for DC-DC PFC Based PiPrius kits and documentation for DIY projects.
  3. Toyota OEM Prius PHEV and Prime Could use some work on this page
  4. Enginer China. But the rest of these appear to all be defunct as of 2020?
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Team Photo from the PriusPlus conversion of Sven's Prius from Nov 2006.
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These are the EVents which Blue and Ryan have been at or will be attending.


Friday Nov, 2

I was interviewed by Erik of Yahoo! Picks Profiles regarding my work on this website, I reveled how I got into EV's back in 2000 as a result of an EV show in Portland after purchasing "Lightning" my Honda Insight, followed by the conversion of PriusBlue spurred on by CalCars first conversion of their PriusPlus. You can check out my November 02, 2007 Yahoo! Picks Profiles EAA-PHEV.

Wednesday Sep, 19

SEVA:EVents 2007 09 19 - King County and WestStart host national clean vehicles conference

Saturday Jul, 21

Interview with Ryan Fulcher about his 100MPG+ Manzanita Micro plug-in Prius at Hybridfest: more interviews...

SEVA:EVents 2007 07 21 - Hybridfest 2007 in Madison, Wisconsin

Monday May, 7

SEVA:EVents 2007 05 07 - The Cascadia Institute - Jump start to a secure, clean energy future

Saturday May, 5

SEVA:EVents 2007 05 05 - Lacey Grand Prix Electric Car Races & Alternative Fuel Fair

Friday April, 27

Blue at the EVent
Blue at the EVent
SEVA:EVents 2007 04 27 - PriusBlue attended the Franklin PUD's Alternative Energy Expo in Pasco, WA and attempted to help many bus loads of grade school students learn what a Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle is and why their parents should get one. Many of them thought it was "cool", and many others offered to buy it for $5, which was mighty tempting ;)
Blue at the EVent
Blue and some Wind Power
After the show Ryan and Blue took a side trip to check out the PUD's nine canyon road wind farm with it's many 60 meter (200 foot) 1330 kW turbines, each produces enough electric power for about 30,000 PHEV miles each day (1330 kW * 24 hours * 0.32 annual yield * 3 miles per kWh).

Wednesday Feb, 7

Ryan and Executive Ron Sims at the state Capitol in Olympia.
Ryan and Executive Ron Sims in Olympia with WhiteBird in the background.

SEVA:EVents 2007 02 07 - Blue and WhiteBird made an appearance in Olympia for a "How to Electrify Transportation" legislative work sessions. Green Cars Co was also there with their Toyota RAV4 EV! Earlier Ryan and Blue gave King County Executive Ron Sims and Jim Lopez a ride to the Washington state Capitol in Olympia.


Tuesday Oct, 17

Seems that played a short 3 and a half minute video which appears to be from the Inaugural Maker Faire. I haven't seen it; a friend tipped me off to it, but I think I found it at the website here: pods/earth/PD04505

Sunday July, 30

This article appeared in the Quad-Cities Dispatch with the title:

Couple goes electric
Geneseo natives get 100 mpg with converted plug-in hybrid

Until then, Mr. Fulcher and Ms. Minder will drive
back home with their PHEV to Seattle after their
Aug. 5 wedding. They hope for a bright future
here on earth -- for both couple and car.

Saturday June, 24

SEVA:EVents 2006 06 24 - Greenwood Classic Car & Rod Show ( Gassless On Greenwood )

As in the past this is one of the highest visibility shows SEVA attends each year and this year was no exception. Quite a few people asked if that was the car they say in the Seattle Times Article.

Thursday June, 1

SEVA:EVents 2006 06 01 - Cascadia Transportation Conference at the Microsoft Conference Center in Redmond.
Photo courtesy of Felix Kramer of

Saturday, May 13

SEVA:EVents 2006 05 13 - Citizens for Rideable Communities - PHEV Appearance in Port Townsend.

Monday, May 8

SEVA:EVents 2006 05 08 - The Port of Chelan County AVI Tech Group meeting, first PFC test run.

Saturday, May 6

SEVA:EVents 2006 05 06 - The 8th Annual Lacy Alternative Fuel Fair and Electric Car Races

Weekend, April 29-30

SEVA:EVents 2006 04 29 - The UW EE Centennial Celebration Events.

Weekend, April 22-24

View Maker Faire Photos from the initial Inaugural Maker Faire conversion.