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===Parts List===
===Parts List===
The public DigiKey parts list for the control board can be found  [ here]
The public DigiKey parts list for the control board can be found  [
===Assembly Steps===
Solder the components to the printed board according to the schematics above.  Make sure to install R3, D1 & D2 1/4 inches off the board and to solder the DIP sockets without the IC's installed.  If new at soldering, make sure to use a heat sink for soldering transistors.
# See [[PriusPlus-Mechanical]] for instructions for physically mounting the control board.
* Add a drawing of the control board schematic labeling connectors
* Show what connects where
Need instructions on how to adjust the pots for the correct temperature.
The LED board will provide useful information for debugging the control board.
==LED Board==
[[Image:EAA-PHEV-PRIUS-LEDBdSchematic.png|right|thumb|250px|LED Board, [ ExpressSCH] [[|Schematic]]]]
Approx. time requirement: 
===Tools Needed===
* Soldering Iron
* Solder
===Parts Needed===
The public DigiKey parts list for the LED board can be found [ here]
==CAN-View & EV Mode button==
You will need to purchase [[CAN-View]] from [].  There are currently 2 versions of [[CAN-View]] available.  Version 3 requires an '04 or '05 Prius and makes use of the built in display (or [[MFD]]) while Version 4 works with an 04-07 Prius but requires an external touchscreen (since the built in touchscreens were changed in the '06 model and are no longer compatible.)  Version 3 has the PHEV relays built onto the main board, while version 2 has an extra optional PHEV relay board.  This PHEV relay board is required for this conversion.
Approx. time requirement:  1-2 hours
The [[CAN-View]] is installed differently depending on whether or not your car is equipped with in-dash navigation.  Detailed instructions with photos are available [ with NAV] or [ without NAV].  It is best to install and route the wires for the [[Prius EV Mode Button]] at the same time since they both require disassembling the dash.
'''ToDo''' the following section is shared with the [[PiPrius_conversion_process#CAN-View_.26_EV_Mode_Button]] documentation.  Any changes should be generic enough to satisfy both, place project specific notes above or below it.  Another set of instructions may be needed for the CAN-View Version 4 which does not integrate with the OEM [[MFD]] and gets power directly from the OBDII port, [ Prius CAN View V4 Mounting options] at covers various ways of mounting the second touch screen.
{{Prius CAN-ViewV3 & EV-Mode Button}}
# Configure CAN-View'''ToDo''''', these are [[PiPrius]] not [[PriusPlus]] settings ''.
## RL1 = EV-Mode Button trigger '''ToDo'''
## RL4 on if bat.temp. < '''+111''' DegF '''ToDo'''
## RL4 on if CCL is > '''40''' ACL '''ToDo'''
## Battery Capacity '''10.0Ah''' '''ToDo'''
## RL2 = < 0 > 0% SOC and > 0 < 0 ACL, 0s, NO '''ToDo'''
## RL3 = < 0 > 0% SOC and > 0 < 0 MPH, 0s, NO '''ToDo'''
## RL5 = < 0 > 0% SOC and > 0 < 0 MPH, 0s, NO '''ToDo'''
## RL6 = < 0 > 0% SOC and > 0 < 0 MPH, 0s, NO '''ToDo'''

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Control Board

Control Board, ExpressSCH Schematic

Approx. time requirement: 6-8 hours

Tools Needed

  • Soldering Iron
  • Solder

Parts List

The public DigiKey parts list for the control board can be found [