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One of the graph screens
See the Official Website
Ryan showing Dr. Andrew Frank his CAN-View at the June, 1 2006 EVent.

The CAN-View v1, v2, and v3 are MFD Integrated CAN Scanner for the 2nd Generation (2004-2005) Prius. A new more powerful version 4 is now available which uses an external touch screen<ref>VM7000 7" touchscreen at for use with the v4 CAN-View.</ref> so that it can be used in the 2006+ and other CAN enabled Hybrids. It is hoped that the new version will eventually work in vehicles such as the Camry, Highlander, RX 400h, GS 450h, and Ford Escape Hybrid! The CAN-View is used as the Prius PHEV User Interfaces in both the PriusPlus and PiPrius projects. The Official CAN-View Website is The CAN-View is not compatible with the Classic (2000-2003) Prius, go here for other potential solutions.</ref>


The Mode Button

Since early on there has been a "mode button", the one with the green border, for which if connected to the OEM EV-Mode button pin would enable/disable that mode when pressed. It also displayed the mode that the car was in, recently a number of new modes have been added to the software, the possible modes are:

  • ICE run - the engine is running and consuming fuel
  • Stealth - the engine is not running and any motion is being produced by the battery alone.
  • EV mode - you are in EV mode, a higher level stealth mode.
    • EV try - you have pressed the vehicle EV button (or have the relay board option and have pressed this icon directly)
    • EV deny - means the Prius has rejected your request for EV mode, based on vehicle speed, SOC, too low or too high a temperature.
  • ICE spin - similar to Stealth but occurs above ~42mph
  • WOTmode - Wide Open Throttle mode
  • B-brake - ICE Compression Braking mode, like selecting "B" on the shifter

Additional accessories

These additional features are supported by the 2nd & 3rd version of the CAN-View, some require additional hardware.

outputs composite NTSC video via the CAN-View.
A VAIS iPod interface might be desirable for audio.

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