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* [[Honda Civic Hybrid]] - 2002
* [[Honda Civic Hybrid]] - 2002
* [[Honda Accord Hybrid]] - 2005
* [[Honda Accord Hybrid]] - 2005
* [[Toyota Prius]] - 2000, GenII 2004 ''[ Sales] [ Michelle Vadeboncoeur]''
* [[Toyota Prius]] - 2000, GenII 2004 [[Prius PHEV]] ''[ Sales] [ Michelle Vadeboncoeur]''
* [[Toyota Highlander]] - 2005
* [[Toyota Highlander]] - 2005
* [[Lexus RX 400h]] - 2005 ''[ Sales] [ Michelle Vadeboncoeur]''
* [[Lexus RX 400h]] - 2005 ''[ Sales] [ Michelle Vadeboncoeur]''

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Hybrids (HEV), unfortunently, are not Electric Vehicles, yet. Rather they are gas cars that can do some electric car tricks, but not the most important one which is the ability to not use gassoline as fuel. By not burning combustables in a heat engine which is unlikely to maximize the utilization of it's waste heat as would WikiPedia:Cogeneration. Instead a Real Electric Hybrid or PHEVs would be able to plug in to fill up on electricity as a fuel for enough to satisfy the majority of your particular transportation needs.

Hybrids can be clasified as Series Hybrids like diesel locomotives, very heavy machinery, and EV's with pushers or on board generators; Parallel such as the Honda's IMA WikiPedia:Integrated Motor Assist; and Series-Parallel like Toyota's HSD WikiPedia:Hybrid Synergy Drive, Ford's Full Hybrid System WikiPedia:Ford Escape Hybrid, and General Motors and DaimlerChrysler's AHS2 WikiPedia:Advanced Hybrid System 2.

Current Production Hybrid include the:

Prototype Hybrids:

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The CalCars_Maillist: is a great resource for current news regarding PHEVs, visit the Official CalCars-News Yahoo group at

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