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Hybrids-Plus / EnergySense are presently developing a PHEV conversion system for the Toyota Prius.

Based in Boulder CO, the group is focusing on the Colorado Front Range market.

Vehicle specs

Location of stock battery pack in a Prius. Note location of spare tire.
Location of Hybrids-Plus battery pack in a Prius.Note that you can still reach the spare tire.
  • Pure EV range (< 34 mph): 30 miles
  • PHEV range (conservative driving, after full charge): 50 miles
  • PHEV fuel efficiency (conservative, full charge): 100 mpg
  • Adds 70 kg to vehicle mass
  • Conversion locations:
    • In place of OEM battery, and taking some of the space occupied by the black tray in trunk
    • Maintains access to spare tire, in its original location
    • Charge plug in rear bumper


Block Diagram of stock battery pack
Block Diagram of PHEV pack.
  • Original traction pack and Battery ECU removed
  • New traction pack:
    • LiIon - A123 26650 cells (same as DeWalt 36V battery packs)
    • 9.2 kWh
  • Electronics:
    • Charger:
      • 1.35 KW, 115 Vac @ 15 A
      • Non-isolated from AC-line (traction pack is isolated from rest of vehicle during charging)
      • Power Factor Controlled Step-up
      • 80% DOD to charged in 9 hours
      • Proprietary custom design
    • BMS
      • One module per set of parallel cells, with charge current pypass shunt
      • A BMS controller, powered by vehicle aux 12 V, isolated from traction pack
      • Proprietary custom design
    • Controller
      • Interfaces to BMS, charger, vehicle
      • CAN interface to the vehicle
      • Powered by vehicle aux 12 V
      • Proprietary custom design



  • Spring 2006 - initial explorations
  • June 7 2006 - Hybrids Plus incorporated
  • June 26 2006 - official start of work
  • July 3 2006 - got our first Prius to convert - cleared the contents down to the stock traction pack