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Plug In Wannabe

If you already know that your vehicle is a Plug-In Wannabe

Is your hybrid electric, diesel, or conventional vehicle a Plug-In Hybrid Wannabe? Then help make its dreams a reality!

Help support and promote Plug-In Hybrids

Buy your vehicle a bumper sticker and/or a license plate frame so that it can demonstrate its interest while at the same time promoting a greater appreciation of the benefits of Plug-In Hybrid Electric Vehicles(PHEVs). Seven dollars, ($7.01 to be precise), of each item ordered will be donated to the non-profit California Cars Initiative, (CalCars), the balance going to Cafepress for their trouble.

Worried that you won't be able to remove the bumper sticker later without damaging your car? No worries, just buy it a Magnetic Bumper Sticker Holder.

Here are some links to the various products by vehicle type or language.

Support This Site

Vehicle Type:


Please feel free to drop me a line if you have any ideas about additional items you would like to see, (additional languages, product categories or concepts), or if you have some designs that you would like to contribute to this effort.

And if none of these designs meet your fancy, check out Plug In America's store, (also hosted by Cafepress), for some alternatives.

Or if you're just opposed to bumper stickers in principle, please skip this step and instead consider donating some money directly to CalCars and/or the Electric Auto Association (EAA).

Join the Frappr Map

Add your vehicle to the Support This Site map to provide a geographical representation of Plug-In Wannabe distribution around the world.

While there, be sure to add it to the slide show!

Create a Plug-In Wannabe Profile

Create a profile for your vehicle on the Wikispaces hosted Plug-In Hybrid Wannabes wiki, (using the "phevwannabe" template), and then list it on the wiki's main page, so that the world, (in particular, automakers and potential after-market converters), can know just how many Plug-In Hybrid Wannabes there are. In connection with this step, you may incorporate its picture(s) by uploading them here, although doing so will require you to first join the Plug-In Hybrid Wannabe wikispace. (Please remember to add its picture adorned with the bumper sticker(s) once received and applied, if you've opted to do so).

Plug In Wannabe Profiles

Here are some of the profiles already created:

  1. ECO-SHA: Bellevue, Washington, United States
  2. Hybride: Saint-Guillaume, Québec, Canada
  3. PHREEUS: Bellevue, Washington, United States
  4. POTUS42: New York, New York, United States
  5. VPOTUS45: Nashville, Tennessee, United States
  6. LeesGreenMachine: Sonoma, California, United States
  7. V2GWNAB: Bellevue, Washington, United States
  8. Rni4Prz: Sacramento, California, United States
  9. NSECURE: Issaquah, Washington, United States

Help promote this site

Tell all your friends about this site, and and share it on your favorite social bookmarking sites, such as "" or "digg". Wouldn't it be cool if we could get the topic Plug-In Hybrids to appear in Digg's top ten environmental stories?

Join the EAA

Join us! the Electric Automobile Association so as to further promote this agenda. This is by far the most important of these steps!

If you think that your vehicle may be a Plug-In Wannabe

Do you suspect your vehicle might be a Plug-In Hybrid Wannabe, but want to know more to be certain?

Learn more about Plug-In Hybrids

Check out the following websites and videos to learn more about this concept: