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Prius PHEV Battery Options

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Click show for a short list of the current PHEV conversion and kit options for the Toyota Prius.

For Prius conversion details see the Prius PHEV article and comparisons table.

  1. Ron's Original PriusPlus History and current Contactor Based PriusPlus documentation for DIY projects.
  2. Ryan's PriusBlue is the testbed for DC-DC PFC Based PiPrius kits and documentation for DIY projects.
  3. Toyota OEM Prius PHEV and Prime Could use some work on this page
  4. Enginer China. But the rest of these appear to all be defunct as of 2020?
  5. |~- Hybrids-Plus USA/Colorado/Li -~|~- EnergyCS USA -~|~- Hymotion USA/Canada -~|~- Amberjac UK. -~|~- EDrive USA -~| Peter mentioned Plug-In Conversions |~-

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Team Photo from the PriusPlus conversion of Sven's Prius from Nov 2006.
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This is where you will find schematics, PCB layout, and parts lists for various Prius PHEV conversions.

Original CalCars Method

Further development of the PriusPlus History or Prius PHEV#Original CalCars Method has been postponed to persue the Prius PHEV#Hybrid-Pack Method so the original Battery Options can be found at Prius PHEV Battery Options-CalCars

Hybrid-Pack Method

See Prius PHEV#Hybrid-Pack Method for an overview of both of the following methods which utilize a CAN-View for SOC aware operations.

Contactor Based

Ron is refining a simple and inexpensive 22 battery configuration utilizing contactor and resistor, the same EVP20-12B B&B 20Ah 12v SLA PbA batteries from will be used.

PFC Based

Battery Layout for PiPrius

Ryan and Rich Rudman are developing conversion kits based on an enhanced PFC-30 from manzanitamicro. The PFC enable the flexibility of battery pack sizes from about 10 to 30 batteries, among other battery management and charge rate enhancements. The first battery rack will be configured for 15 Hawker EP 26 or Hawker Areo AB26 SLA batteries. Since the PFC charger is used as a DC to DC converter it is possible to use a wide variety of battery packs configurations. Rich has also used a 20 and 24 battery pack of smaller 20Ah batteries similar to the EVP20-12B used by CalCars, and more recently Rich has also implemented a battery pack made up of 40Ah Thunder Sky Lithium ion modules. It is best if the add on battery pack is of a higher voltage than the OEM battery to reduce switching losses and increase the efficiency and power out of the PFC charger.