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* - Source for OBD2 connectors.
* - Source for OBD2 connectors.
*[  "CANview"] Not to be confused with "[[CAN-View]]" (notice no dash in the name)
[[Category:Prius PHEV]]
[[Category:Prius PHEV]]

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This page addresses user interface and State Of Charge Manipulation management device options for Prius PHEV conversions. Such a device would need to be capable of executing logic similar to this Prius PHEV Pseudo Code. Though an actuall Interface or display may not be required so long as the SOC manipulation is handled properly, such an interface is still desireable because it provides the user with feedback and might also allow for user interaction and configuration. Conversly a management device may not be required to perform SOC Manipulation functions with certain conversion methods though the data they provide about the vehicles opperation may still be valuable.

CAN-View Scanner

The CAN-View is now the first official user interface for the PriusPlus conversions.

My CAN Project

Vass Software on the left

OK, not "My" Can Project, but some very nice software none the less.

May Required Linux and all that that entails
Open Source courtesy of Attila Vass!

Other CAN scanners