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I am the CalCars Documentation Manager; and, it's taken me a whole lot longer than I expected to get to this point of begining in earnest to re-organize and re-write the Prius Plus DIY Conversion Instructions. My goal is to create a very clear, concise and usable online document which will enable any mechanically-inclined PHEV enthusiast to duplicate Sven's Prius Plus.

I'm well suited to this task, because I'm passionate about PHEVs and this project; I've owned (in some cases modified) and repaired over 70 cars, trucks and motorcycles of my own; I repaired and/or completely overhauled cars with, and for, friends; I was a professional auto mechanic, machinist, and electro-mechanical designer; and, in a university program (completed in 2004) I worked with small teams of fellow students to design, construct, and test whole cars (usualy for student competitions). In addition to reading lots of instructions relating to cars, I had to write How To instruction documents when I was working for a CAD software company in Connecticut.

Professionally I'm a Senior Mechanical Engineer, working as a contractor at BAE Systems, an R&D company that designs mostly hybrid diesel-electric vehicles.

On the side, I've spent the last several years designing a unique PHEV commuter car.