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Zero Emission Vehicles

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Zero-emission vehicles, or ZEVs are vehicles that produce no tailpipe pollutants. Ideally the ZEVs should be powered from zero emission fuel sources (e.g. electric fuel produced from renewable energy sources such as solar, wind, hydro or geothermal). Programs to increase use of ZEVs are being pursued to help reduce air pollution problems.


  • Zero Emission Vehicle Program - Air Resources Board, California EPA "Mobile sources account for well over half of the emissions which contribute to ozone and particulate matter and nearly 40 percent of the greenhouse gas emissions in California. In order to meet California's health based air quality standards and greenhouse gas emission reduction goals, the cars we drive and the fuel we use must be transformed away from petroleum. ARB has adopted a new approach on passenger vehicles ... to support and accelerate the numbers of plug-in hybrids and zero-emission vehicles in California."
  • Clean Air in London | Campaigning to achieve urgently and sustainably compliance with World Health Organisation guidelines for air quality throughout London




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