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EV-only mode is auto canceled outside of the following limits:
#Redirect [[Prius EV Mode Button]]
* >=180V
* >=45% SOC ''2 Bars'' (mode cannot be entered unles SOC is >=50% ''3 Bars'')
* Accelerator pedal position <=120 (out of 255), corresponds to approx. 120A or 24kW
* Vehicle speed <34 mph (55 kph)
* Defrost not selected (and possibly some other control selections)
* The ICE will start 7 seconds after vehicle startup unless EV-only mode is entered during that time.
* Once the ICE starts the first time during a trip, it will not stop until it has warmed up.
* The A/C compressor is electric, and the A/C will work while in EV-only mode.
* When the EV-only mode is entered, the hybrid model screen will show.  A beep will be heard only if that screen wasn't already showing.
* Three beeps are heard whenever EV-only mode is requested but not allowed, and when it is auto canceled.<br>One must wait around five seconds before a new EV-only request is acknowledged.
Regenerative braking is limited by all of the following:
* 120A
* ~30A if SOC is >=80%
* HV 250-270V (progressively greater limitation)
None of the above voltage limits have been tested for temperature-based variations.
See [[Prius EV Mode Button]] for instruction on it's installation.

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