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"PFC" vs "DC-DC" within documentation

Note that PFC means Power Factor Correction, a technique to draw the highest possible amount of power from an AC outlet. It has nothing to do with this applications, which is DC. The reason the term PFC is used in this discussion is because some have chosen to use a particular model charger which happens to be called PFC-30 (because, when used with AC - not in this case - it is Power Factor Corrected). So, I would suggest that this approach should really be called "DC-DC converter based", or "Switcher based", to disassociate it from a particular model name of a particular brand. DavideAndrea 13:09, 16 June 2006 (CDT)

Yes It's an unusual situation, unfortunately Rich of Manzanita Micro didn't name the chargers MM-PFC-30's or MM-PFC-50's, which I suppose I could have/may use in the future so as not to use the common abbreviation PFC while describing this particular PFC Based conversion method. It will take some work to change all of the PFC -> MM-PFC references, but that's alright as I want to make a page for the "PFC"-20-30-50 chargers once I figure out the best name for that article, perhaps Manzanita Micro and MM-PFC redirects? I'm not sure that I would go all the way to calling this conversion method "DC-DC" or "Switcher" Based as it will be utilizing features which may or may not only be found on the MM-PFC Charger/DC-DC Switcher. I'll keep in mind to try to keep those sections generic and applicable to other DC-DC/Switchers while explicitly pointing out any unique MM-PFC features realizing that we haven't really described much of the processes details yet... --Rjf 15:25, 16 June 2006 (CDT)