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Try this new Custom Google Search Engine:
Electric and Plug-in Vehicles
to search many EV and PHEV related sites at once!


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This list is manually maintained and must be managed via this Custom Search Engines Homepage. It currently does not search the entire web but only the included sites. If you would like to see a website added or excluded you can add it to the talk or discussion page at Talk:Custom Google Search, there you can also get the code to add this search box to your website.

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Included sites that will be searched:

similar areas to aid in Templatizing

PHEV Information Sites

Plug-In Hybrids#See also roughly, disorganized

PHEV Project Sites

Prius PHEV#References roughly

EV Information Sites

More to be added:

EV Publications

EV Manufacturers

more to be added:

Production & Pre-Production


Neighborhood Electric Vehicles (NEV)

Open Source Nonprofit Engineering

EV Project Sites

EV Racing Sites

EV Parts Suppliers Sites

SEVA:Electric motor

EAA Chapters Sites

SEVA:Chapters Main Electric Auto Association website

Online Community Sites

Electric Vehicles


Toyota Prius#Online Communities


Honda Insight disorganized


Personal Sites


Toyota Prius#Personal Prius Sites


Honda Insight disorganized