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FYI ... The Electric Priority mode Described in the begining of the article has been achieved ...

The same guy Mike that did most of the work on MIMA added 200+ Lbs of Lead Acid Batteries to his Insight and a DC-DC Booster Charge control system so that the stock batteries can hadel the peak 144V 100Amp power demands and his grid or solar charged lead acid booster batteries can augment or add to them to allow for an extended Electric Priority mode operation beyond what MIMA could ever do with the stock batteries...

He has also added an Electric 5th Wheel which gives his Insight a Pure EV mode at up to 30 MPH for about 40 Mile ranges...

And while he can charge his extra 200+Lbs of Lead Acid batteries with the grid with an electric plug... he can also use the solar panels he has on his garage or the solar panels he can attach while the car is parked.

If you want all the details you can read all about it on his own on his site..

This has been an FYI to let you know that the part in the beginning of this article has been done and the electric priority operation of an Insight can easily push MPG numbers over 100 and has one major advantage over the Plug In Prius PHEV is that it can operate in electric priority mode at any speed all the way up to 100MPH... With his 5th wheel for pure electric low speed operation Mike's Insight shows how both PHEV methods can be used to improve fuel economy... of course... it would be better with lighter and higher capacity LiIon Batteries... but it still shows the proof of concept none the less.

Now get back to getting those Elecrons to work and retire the Gasoline.

Iam Ian