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This template is still under development, some of this is for debugging

Using Test case with statically assigned variables for the moment:
28 miles on 15.495 kWh is 1.807 mi/kWh or 61 MPGe.
28 miles @ 78.5 mpg is 0.357 gal. of gas,
Equal to 11.995 kWh of electricity, @33.6 kWh/gal
Plus the 3.5 kWh used charged for 15.495 kWh total energy.
miles km mpg gas diesel kWh btu
Pre 28 0 78.5 0 0 3.5 0
Post 28 17.398388 78.5 0.35668789808917 0 3.5 52583.505838641
  • Result mpge = 60.76

Use Examples

Template to convert fuel mileage from various fuels or combinations of fuels into MPGe Miles per Gallon of Gasoline Equivalent.

  • {{mpge|miles=50.00|kWh=10.00}} results in XX mpge
  • {{mpge|km=80.00|kWh=10.00}} results in XX mpge
  • {{mpge|miles=50.00|kWh=10.00|metric=on}} results in XX mpge
  • {{mpge|miles=50.00|kWh=10.00|imperial=on}} results in XX mpge
  • {{mpge|miles=50.00|gas=1.000}} results in XX mpge
  • {{mpge|miles=50.00|diesel=1.000|lk=on}} results in XX mpge
  • {{mpge|L100km=50}} results in XX mpge
  • {{mpge|mpg=50}} results in XX mpge

Per BMW Tops Toyota Prius In Fuel Economy Tests which claims the BMW 520d got 41.9 mpg(diesel) while the Prius got 40.1 mpg(gas). However the energy content of gas and diesel fuels differ, so we can adjust the diesel into an mpge equivalent XX mpge 41.9mpg(diesel) * 0.88 = 36.872 mpge versus the 40.1mpge of the Prius.


See also

Conversion Metrics

Amount of fuel = 1 gallon of gasoline (measured in units for fuel type)
Gasoline (regular unleaded) 1 Gallon = 114,100 BTUs
Diesel .88 Gallons
Liquid Natural Gas 126.67 Cubic Feet
Compressed Natural Gas 33.56 Kilowatt hours
Liquefied Petroleum Gas 1.35 Gallons
Methanol 2.01 Gallons
Ethanol 100% 1.500 Gallons
Ethanol 85% 1.425 Gallons
Ethanol 10% 1.050 Gallons
Electricity 33.56 Kilowatt hours