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Installing the CAN-View Version 3 and Prius EV Mode Button both involve disassembling the same areas of the Prius so will be covered here at the same time. You should also be familiar with these cv#reference materials.

We begin by disassembling the dashboard. cv1 cv2

  1. Remove the bottom cover of steering column
    1. Releasing the steering wheel adjustment handle and removing the silver screw.
    2. Turn steering wheel 90 degrees to right and left to remove black screws on each side.
    3. Remove the lower cover by carefully pulling down on lower half.
  2. Disconnect the headlamp flasher plug on left side of steering column.
    1. Remove plugs cover by unlocking two side tabs/clips.
    2. Remove 3 unused connector pins using a jeweler's screwdriver to disengage and slide them out.
    3. Optionally to use the headlamp flasher circuit as an EV Mode button:
      1. Solder some length?? of black wire to a new pin and use it to replace:
      2. The Red(#11-B10) wire to preserve day time flashing function, will disable night time flashing. It has been discovered that this does not work properly as the red wire is used for both the high beam and flash functions when the lights are turned on, thus disabling high beams at night. Anyone who has implemented this option should reinstall the red wire, moving the ev-mode button wire to the violet wires location instead.
      3. The Violet(#17-B4) wire to preserve night time flashing function, will disable day time flashing.
      4. Route new black wire along existing bundle then towards center console to later meet up with OBDII cable.
    4. Snap the cover back onto the flasher plug and reinsert into switch.
    5. Reassemble steering column, be sure everything is aligned properly.
  3. Remove lower glove box by squeezing the inside sides together to lower box below catches, then unclip the small piston from right side. Lower box until the lower joints detach from dash, remove pneumatic cylinder noting it's orientation.
  4. Remove passenger side silver air vent cover by pulling out from the bottom first. Next remove the small interior colored piece just below the vent piece by pulling straight out.
    1. If installing CAN-View Without Navigation: cv3
    2. Remove drivers side air vent cover, press down and pull out on top.
    3. Remove lower center console hump with 12v lighter power socket, remove barb from passenger side, pull out.
    4. Remove air vent at right side of MFD screen, open upper glove box to pull out vent.
    5. Remove lower drivers side interior colored dash panel, one black screw above hood release, one exposed behind drivers side vent.
    6. Remove black lower dash key fob panel, leave hanging with wires connected.
    7. Remove upper drivers side dash panel with power button, leave wires attached.
    8. Remove air vent at left side of MFD screen, the shift lever with remain in place, detach and slide park button forward through silver panel to expose and detach cable, then remove the panel and reattach the park button to it's cable to prevent errors during later tests.
    9. Remove 10mm bolts, one on each side of MFD screen, pull screen out sharply and rotate towards drivers side.
    10. Tap grey OEM wire for 12v power, top row 2nd from the left.
    11. Attach CAN-View video cable to MFD and power spade to tapped grey wire, run cable out directly behind screen.
    12. Connect CAN-View OBDII cable to OBDII port and route cable behind center console towards glove box along with headlamp flasher ev-mode button wire if installed.
    13. Test CAN-View, then reassemble center and drivers side of dash.
    14. CAN-View will be mounted under passenger seat, above JBL amplifier if present.
  5. If installing CAN-View With Navigation: cv4
    1. Route OBDII Cable around foot well and down drivers side door sill to underneath drivers seat. Route headlamp flasher ev-mode button wire if installed behind center console and glove box.
    2. Tap grey OEM wire from navigation unit for 12v power.
    3. Connect CAN-View video cables to navigation unit.
    4. Test and attach above and to rear of navigation unit.
  6. Solder new pin to some length?? of black wire, and optionally the black wire which connects to the headlamp flasher.
  7. Install pin with black wire(s) to ev-mode button location in HV ECU H14#27. cv5 cv6
    1. The HV ECU is the one closest the exterior of the car with grey plugs.
    2. H14 is the lowest of the four connectors.
    3. Pin #27 is located on the most interior (broken into three segments) row, the second from the bottom left corner, in the only open location between two red wires.
    4. Using a jeweler's screwdriver raise the white terminal retainer, fully insert the new pin, re-compress the retainer, and plug terminal back into HV ECU.
  8. Route black EV Mode wire, and OBDII & Video if non-NAV, along passenger side door trim exiting under carpet before pillar to the hole in carpet below passenger seat and to relay cable.
  9. Route relay cable from CAN-View under rear passenger side door trim towards rear of car.
  10. Reassemble passenger side of dash and door trim.

Finally, Connect all the cables to CAN-View.