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Transclusing is the act of including the content from a page at another website within a local article. It can also be done far easier with content from other local articles, but this template doesn't apply to those. It is accomplished by using template-like syntax against an Interwiki link. See Wikipedia:Transclusion for more information about transclusion.

Our configured local interwiki links which are available for use consist of:Template:Local Interwiki Table

This template should be used to announce the interwiki transclusion of an article and ensure that the base url is returned to the local site after the transclusion has finished. Instances of MediaWiki handle this well enough on their own but transclusion from non-MediaWiki sites, such as a twiki or Typo3 site, require a little more work. Such sites should enforce fully qualified links, as relative links within their content won't work properly. It also allows for a simple and clean method to hiding local content within a collapsed table following the transcluded content.

Legacy Options

  1. The first option is the interwiki link for the url to be transcluded.
  2. The second option is the interwiki link for the transclusion option, used for non-Mediawiki sites.
The first option is the non transcluding interwiki url which takes you directly to the normal article.
The second option is a transcluding interwiki url with results in transclusion friendly output from the other site.

New Options

  1. The site option defines the base interwiki, you must have an identical interwiki ending in Trans defined.
  2. The doc option is the name of the document at the external site.
  3. The local=1 option lets the template know that the page also contains a local copy of the content.
    • A link is created to the tag #Local Content which is placed after the transclusion content.
    • Note: be sure to include |} at the end of the local content you wish to be hidden in the collapsed table.