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My specific interests regarding PHEVs and my practical contribution to the discussion centers around computer engineering. Briefly stated, I wish to work towards the conversion of the Prius+ augmentations into a set of circuit boards that would be easy to order and populate. The thought here is that each of us should NOT have to hand build a unique creation of the same parts. I seek to remove this barrier of entry for all who desire to perform the conversion. (I have done circuit board design and layout in a prior position while at Intel.)

Additionally, I have specific experience with fast-boot, redundant microprocessor systems, which (if my understanding of the Prius+ design is accurate) are required to manage the vehicle's perception of SOC, as well as possible augmentations such as logging and battery charge management. (Computing systems and their security are my vocation, my hobby, and the focus of my efforts towards an advanced degree at the New Jersey Institute of Technology.) Yes, you can have it good, fast, cheap, easy to replicate, and open-source programmable.

One final note - If I have nothing to say on a subject, I remain silent. I won't clog your message board with nonsense. We're working towards a goal here, and I get enough chat around the water cooler at work ;-)