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My name is David Darknell and I own a Toyota Prius & A 2006 Toyota Highlander Hybrid. I've designed a "plug-in" switching power supply to charge the existing battery at approx 0.1C (HH is 377V at 1/2A current limited), which works fairly well. I've also developed a system to monitor current of the HV battery in/out using current sensing hall effect sensors, which I can log on my laptop. But the data is of little use, since I haven't been able to figure out how to determine the car state (ie. operational state machine) to correlate the data too.

I've been searching for a site with members with significant technical skills, of like mind- and it seems I've found that here. I'd eventually like to convert my 06HH to a plug-in hybrid, with a first stop of alternate power assist. My plan at the moment is to integrate my 4 KW fuel-cell, into the Toyota control system (although I haven't made much progress on that just yet....).