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I am “Plug-in Autos”, the European Import/Distributor of Shanghai Fountainhead Electronics aka MD-Tech. I am a veteran Test Engineer (10 years European Space Agency). I have been working with SFE for the last 8 months. I am bringing a PHEV kit to Europe with all the required certifications for installing the kit. As an importer I am required to do this if I am selling the product in Europe. The certifications have demanded stricter control of development from SFE. We are currently in the middle of the E-Mark certification, due on 23^rd Dec 2012. The certifications are being performed by TÜV SÜD.

SFE holds the patents to the PHEV kit, not Enginer. SFE are the original PHEV kit designers. After Enginer went out of business this year, the kit designers are back at SFE. I am working with the designers to fix issues brought up by kit owners since the last version from Enginer was released. (Including a new Installation manual) For more info visit