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Jack Rosebro founded Perfect Sky, a company that trains technicians to work on hybrid vehicles. Perfect Sky's clients include the City of New York (1100+ hybrid passenger cars), City of Toronto, California Bureau of Automotive Repair, County of Fairfax, Virginia (which now owns a Hymotion PHEV Prius) as well as technicians, policy makers, and engineers in the US, Canada, Europe, and Asia, including master technicians who have already been trained by Toyota, Honda, and Ford. Perfect Sky is happy to share any technical information and expertise that will be useful to the EAA-PHEV open-content project. We conduct our own research and develop our own training materials.

Jack also writes articles on hybrids, PHEVs, and other subjects for Green Car Congress: one of his articles "Toyota Ratchets Up Plug-In Hybrid Talk" is referenced on this website.

As of February 2006, Jack is in Europe researching their plug-in hybrid progress, although he usually travel to the US at least once per month to deliver training.