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The DC-DC fuse is part 2 here:

While troubleshooting some DC-DC Issues, suspected to be the fuse, dug back into Insight Hardware: Backstory:

  • Have been distracted by having been driving a Leaf, then another Leaf, Then a 2017 Bolt, and soon hopefully a CyberTruck.
  • In the meantime, my 2000 Honda Insight has been sitting idle for years now.
  • 2018-2019 roughly, I pulled the IMA Battery and balanced all the 7.2v modules, replacing the weak ones, resulted in good IMA with no more recal events.
    • No special precautions were taken for storage, and there was some moisture build up due to leaks and or the moist climate.
  • 2020 and 2021 every few months I would start up the ICE just to keep it happy, and during that time noticed the 12v system was not charging.
  • The 2000 Honda Insight is made by TDK and rated for 70Amps output side and by all accounts very efficient and robust.

So, looking to get that back into service:

DC-DC Schematic
  • Optional connections:
    • (B13) Yellow/Blue - inverter temp reading (There may be NO INTERNAL OVER TEMP PROTECT so be careful or build one) Yes, it does have internal thermal throttling.
    • (A27) Green/Black - DC-DC inhibit signal (?a faulty ground here may cause DC-DC to not function? Is normally pulled to +5v inside DC-DC)
    • ( A7) Red/Yellow - ECT (Engine Coolant Temp) 0.1~4.8v ie:10k on 5v (Used for higher output when cold, cold 12v battery)
    • ( A9) White/Green - DVC control signal (10Hz PWM but analog also worked? Adjusts output 12.3v~15.2v) (Ground this will stop inverter)
      • More details 0-2.5V=Off 2.5-5.0v=On (Analog or PWM)
        • No CEL lights if you cut DVC (WHT/GRN) or DVINH (GRN/BLK), that is, no need to add pullups to the ECM side of those lines if you cut them and control the DCDC with Linsight.
    • Brown/White - Gauge Assembly (Add: LED+1k resistor or 12v lamp as charge indicator, Will be off when DC-DC is active) (?Is this to ground or hot?)