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Duplicate Image

It appears that your Image:Right side of electronics box.jpg & Image:Left side of electronics box.jpg photos are the same? You should be able to visit the page of the one that's wrong and upload the correct version of it. --Rjf 18:49, 26 April 2007 (CDT)

Thanks, I got that fixed. Chris

Final Push into Single Instruction page.

It appears that you are moving sections of the doc pages into a single page, which is fine, it looks pretty good... Although we'll loose all of the edit history of those who contributed to it, I suppose we can just credit them all somewhere. There is also a method for creating small pages, which can then be included in multiple other pages, I'm not sure if each main section should be turned into such a template or not, something to consider? The CAN-View install section is such a page which the PiPrius and PriusPlus projctes both reference, templates can do more advanced stuff. For example, if you visited the first sections template directly it might display a menu with links to the top of the project and the other pages, but if that same section (and all the others) were included in a single article, perhaps for printing, then those menus wouldn't show... Anyway, I mostly wanted to make sure that the original content got erased as you moved it into the single article, so we don't get confused with two versions of some text... ps. I'll be away for a few weeks, checking in slightly less often... --Rjf 21:40, 13 July 2007 (CDT)

Yes, I did combine everything into one main page, and like you said, we will want to get rid of the other pages so we don't have duplicate data, but I wanted to leave them for a little bit just until I am certain that I have everything pulled off of them. As far as crediting people, I think its just best to credit them and delete the old pages (although, other than the initial page creations by anonymous IP addresses, for the most part you and I are the only ones to edit them. I really like the idea of having as much on the the page (as opposed to templates) as possible to make for easy editing. We are hoping that DIY converters will help give back to the project and update/correct/expand some of the documentation as they do their own conversions, so the easier it is to edit, I think the better. I don't think we need to include stuff on separate pages, so that shouldn't be an issue (if it ever does become one, we can move things later.) I'm thinking that at some point in the near future we may want to break the step-by-step instructions into 2 pages (although, in the near future, apparently the 2 mounting methods we currently have are going away and will be replaced by a pre-fabricated box, so a good chunk of documentation will go away (saved in history somewhere of course), so maybe we won't need to.)
I think I'm going to unlink the pages from the RawData page just to help reduce any possible confusion, and I'll just type in the URL manually - I just wanted to make sure you didn't delete them till I was ready to have them deleted! :)
I will also be on vacation, from Jul 18 -> Aug 5th, so thats why I'm pushing really hard right now. --Cewert 19:25, 13 July 2007
I think that if as you move content from the old pages to the new you remove the parts of the old pages then you will be left with only the parts that haven't been moved elsewhere. Best done with it fresh in mind. Keep in mind that nothing is ever truly lost, you can always go back to the articles histories, even deleted pages can be undeleted with all their history...
I thought about that after getting into it quite a ways. I didn't want to publish the Instructions page until it was done, so I wanted to keep the others active until then.
Ya, that is one of the trade offs with this system, everything is "published" as it's created, for better or worst you get the latest information even if it's not finished yet. After all everything is a work in progress.
As far as braking the page into pieces, it's usuailly less daunting to see a small page of stuff and links to a dozen similarly sized pages which are steps in the process. It should be rare, and discouraged that someone wants to change things a large number of the sections of a very large page all in one edit, it's just more difficult to see the evolution of the content that way. Anyway, for now you are absolutly right, we'll leave it as a single article, perhaps I'll create a moch up sometime of what I'm talking about...
I agree that it is a bit overwhelming, but I also think its helpful to be able to go back and fourth from section to section (at least I've found it very helpful while doing the conversion). Maybe there is a balance somewhere. We can work on figuring something out when both of us are back from vacation.
ya, we'll work on it later, I'm thinking we'll end up with a multi-page and a single page view of the information...
I've updated the main menu, added your two new pages (Instructions, PartsList), but I kept the Mechanical, Electrical, and Electronic as sub-RawData. Will we cleanup and keep the RawData page with all of it's photos? Or is most of that included in the main document? That page was intended to have all of the file (image, schematics, etc) resources that were available for inclusion in the main page(s). --Rjf 23:06, 13 July 2007 (CDT) ps. you can sign posts with --~~~~ or the button.
I was planning on keeping the RawData page with all the photos - they are very helpful for converters I think. I want to delete some of the more random text from the page, do some other cleanup / formatting and put in all the things that someone would need to look at for reference (i.e. all the schematics, photos, perhaps things like CAN-View settings, etc.) Thanks for the hint about the signature - I was wondering how to do that! --Cewert 23:44, 13 July 2007 (CDT)
That's what I was thinking, keep the Raw page for it's mass of files and photos but clean it up... --Rjf 00:30, 14 July 2007 (CDT)