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(Altima hybrid in ’07)
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* [ Toyota] [ Prius G1] [ Prius G2]
* [ Toyota] [ Prius G1] [ Prius G2]
* [ Ford] []
* [ Ford] []
* 2006.05.29 - [ A scarlet 'H'?: Got a hybrid car? It may electrocute firefighters]
* 2006.05.27 [ Rescuers training for electrical risks linked to hybrids]
* 2006.05.27 [ Rescuers training for electrical risks linked to hybrids]
* [[:Image:LA_County_Electric_and_Hybrid_Vehicle_Hazards.pdf|LA County EV & Hybrid Vehicle Hazards]]
* [[:Image:LA_County_Electric_and_Hybrid_Vehicle_Hazards.pdf|LA County EV & Hybrid Vehicle Hazards]]

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Current W:Hybrid vehicles (HEV) such as the Honda Insight, Toyota Prius, and W:other hybrid vehicles are unfortunently not W:Battery electric vehicles (BEV), as they can not use W:electricity as an external fuel source. Rather they are gas cars with some electric car tricks, but not the most important ability of not using gassoline as W:fuel. So such vehicles may prove to become the missing links in the History of transportation. The effeciency advantage of W:electric motors and W:batteries are diminished with the requirement of burning W:combustables with an onboard W:heat engine. Better it would be, to more fully utilize the W:waste heat from traditional local power W:cogeneration plants. With an eye towards W:wind, W:solar, and other W:sustainable resources which will make BEVs cleaner as they age. Rather than transitioning from gasoline current hybrids are merely a way to reduce (slightly) consumption of finite W:fossil fuels. It's the versitility of using traditional combustion and an array of electric fuel sources which makes Plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEV) such an attractive solution which could be easily achieved today with off the shelf technologies. As the president said in his 2005 State of the Union address "America is addicted to oil", BEVs and PHEVs are critical to solutions capable of more than doubling transportation effeciency and eliminating vehicle CO2 emissions for most trips. Since currently no production PHEVs exist, Hybrid Conversions are modified production vehicles with larger batteries and chargers.

Hybrids can be clasified as Series Hybrids like diesel locomotives, very heavy machinery, and EV's with pushers or on board generators; Parallel Hybrids such as the Honda's IMA; and Series-Parallel Hybrids like Toyota's HSD, Ford's Ford Hybrid System W:Ford Escape Hybrid, and General Motors and DaimlerChrysler's AHS2.

Current Production Hybrid include
Year     Make and Model PHEV Versions
2000 Honda Insight Insight PHEV ideas
2002 Honda Civic Hybrid none yet
2005 Honda Accord Hybrid none yet
2000 Toyota Prius none yet
2004 Toyota Prius Prius PHEV
2006 Toyota Camry Hybrid none yet
2005 Toyota Highlander Hybrid none yet
2005 Lexus RX 400h none yet
2005 Ford Escape Hybrid Escape PHEV Ford is talking about it!
2006 Mercury Mariner Hybrid none yet
2006 Chevrolet Silverado Hybrid     maybe never, it's a Mild hybrid

Prototype Hybrids:

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Emergency Response Safety

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The CalCars_Maillist: is a great resource for current news regarding PHEVs, visit the Official CalCars-News Yahoo group at

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