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This is my User Page and as with most things is a work in progress, enjoy! Moments ago it was 2018/12/13 04:52UTC. I also have a page at:

Working on Wikipedia:Talk:Plug-in_hybrid_electric_vehicle/PIA_Rewrite

[edit] Contact

Contact Ryan Fulcher at (206)280-3054 or webguy2011(at)eaa-phev(dot)org with any comments, questions, to arrange for a demonstration, or to request our attendance at an event.

[edit] About Me

I attend most of the events that the Seattle Electric Vehicle Association participates in and am more than happy to Educate, Demonstrate, and Proliferate Electric and Plug-in Hybrid vehicles. I am a System Administrator at DigiPen Institute of Technology, a video game programming, computer animation, and computer engineering school. I became interested in EV's after attending an early 2003 show in Portland Oregon and quickly realized that my 2000 Insight was not nearly as electric as it could have been. Since then I've been immersed in the world of electric transportation and sustainable energy. My latest undertaking has been the organization of the Electric Auto Associations Plug-In Hybrid Vehicle site, which you are currently visiting! - ThanX

[edit] My Files

These are just random PHEV doodle files, not hard data.

[edit] Administrative Tasks

See User:WikiAdmin

[edit] Icons to Create Why No Plug-In Hybrids? Why No PHEVs?

I would like some icons to use on the production hybrid and PHEV pages.

  • No Idle (Silverado, Mild, Full)
  • Regen (Mild, Full)
  • Assist (Mild, Full)
  • Gas Only (Hondas)
  • Electric Only (Prius, BEV+Pushers)
  • Electric Range (5,10,15,20,25,30,35,40,45,50,50+,300)
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