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Toyota Prius

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Click show for a short list of the current PHEV conversion and kit options for the Toyota Prius.

For Prius conversion details see the Prius PHEV article and comparisons table.

  1. Ron's Original PriusPlus History and current Contactor Based PriusPlus documentation for DIY projects.
  2. Ryan's PriusBlue is the testbed for DC-DC PFC Based PiPrius kits and documentation for DIY projects.
  3. Toyota OEM Prius PHEV and Prime Could use some work on this page
  4. Enginer China. But the rest of these appear to all be defunct as of 2020?
  5. |~- Hybrids-Plus USA/Colorado/Li -~|~- EnergyCS USA -~|~- Hymotion USA/Canada -~|~- Amberjac UK. -~|~- EDrive USA -~| Peter mentioned Plug-In Conversions |~-

See the Prius PHEV page for Plug-in versions of the Prius.

The Toyota Prius is a Gas-Electric Hybrid Powered but 100% gasoline fueled vehicle. It and similar hybrid implementations have the ability to drive on electric power alone with limited but adequate low speed performance. As such the addition of higher capacity battery, computer modifications, and a battery charger would give such vehicles the ability to be fueled from electricity for short local trips.

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A Toyota Motor executive engineer described as the "American father of the Prius" and who was among the country's top experts on gas-electric hybrid vehicles died in a plane crash, officials said Sunday. David Hermance, 59, was piloting an experimental plane when it went down Saturday afternoon. A search team found the wreckage in 60 feet of water Sunday morning. Hermance was executive engineer for Advanced Technology Vehicles at Toyota's technical center in the Los Angeles area.
With gas prices soaring, even hybrid car owners are thinking of creative ways to cut on gas use. Bill Whitaker reports how they are suping-up their energy efficient cars with electricity.

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