General Disclaimer:   (HV) (DC) injury or death hazard,   use at your own risk,   may void warranty.

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==2007 Year model==
==2007 Year model==
This is the original 4-door sedan:
*1997 Japan only release, chassis NHW10 (Gen 1)
*2000 worldwide release, chassis NHW11 (Sometimes also called Gen 1, sometimes Gen 2)
===Traction battery===
===Traction battery===

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Technical information on the Ford Escape useful when designing a Escape PHEV conversion.

2006 Year model

2007 Year model

Traction battery


Battery voltage

Cabling to traction battery

CAN bus

If the conversion will replace the stock Battery ECU, it must talk directly with the vehicle CAN bus.

CAN bus protocol

Battery ECU messages

Fault codes

General Disclaimer:   (HV) (DC) injury or death hazard,   use at your own risk,   may void warranty.

HV (High Voltage) DC (Direct Current) Warning: Traction Battery Packs, Motors, Chargers, and other HV sources could cause serious injury or death if proper precautions are not taken while working on or around such High Voltage Direct Current sources.

Use this information at your own risk: There is no warranty expressed nor implied and we are not liable for any of your past, present, nor future actions. Even should you perform these modifications to the letter you could still damage any number of components in your vehicle causing it to no longer function. Even if it appears to function properly your actions may cause it to self destruct with collateral damage to surrounding properties other than your vehicle. By utilizing these ideas and instructions in an attempting to enhance national security, reduce gas consumption, vehicle "emissions", your carbon footprint, or smog, you do so at your own risk & peril.

Warranty: In performing some of these modifications you may void your warranty with the vehicles manufacturer.

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