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The Help:Contents page has information that we hope you will find helpful while interacting with this website.

You will also find a general description of the interface, content, and how to contribute your own ideas, thoughts, and knowledge.

You can email to webguy2011(at)eaa-phev(dot)org with the subject of EAA-PHEV Wiki Help with any questions you may have. You will also find contact information for Ryan at User:Rjf#Contact.

What is all this Wiki stuff?

Here's a walk through of everything that you see on this and other pages at this site.

At the top and to the right side are functions for logging in, user preferences, watchlist, and a personal user page and user:talk page. If you are not logged in you will see a Create an account or log in link. Below but to the left side are links to the article and it's talk page, as well as edit, history and other functions if you're logged in. These are both mostly wiki things for contributing to this site, if that's not what you're doing then you can just ignore them for now.

The left side begins at the top with our logo, clicking on it takes you back to the beginning of the site. Below it are the navigation links to the main pages at our site, which will be describe in the next section. Below that is the search function, useful for finding things. The toolbox is the last item on the page it has links to things like Recent changes, which pages link to the current page, and other special things. At the very bottom you'll find information that pertain to this website.

How do I use the Wiki Website

First you should create an account and login. This way you'll see all the functions that we're going to learn about instead of just a few of them. The Wiki language is pretty easy and powerful and looks good as plain text unlike that scary html stuff that requires a special web page editing program. If your curious you can find a page with some format you want to use, like an image or bullet points, and click edit, then click show preview and you'll see the page, and below it the raw un-wikified source for that page, which you can edit and preview again. Most of the basic editing functions are on a toolbar at the top of the edit box. They include (from left to right):

  • ''' Bold text ''' - three quotes ' arround the text.
  • '' Italic text '' - two quotes '' arround the text.
  • [[ Link title ]] - Internal link, it's red if the page doesn't exist yet, please don't create these two pages.
  • [ link title ] - External link, they have a little arrow and box icon.
  • ==Major Headline== - two equals = arround the text makes it a Major Headline.
    • ===Sub Header=== - three equals = arround the text makes is a sub Headline.
  • [[Image:Example.jpg]] - Images, which need additional Help:Images.
  • [[Media:Example.mp3]] - Media, which need more Help:Media.
  • <math>Insert formula here</math>
  • <nowiki> </nowiki> - Ignores wiki formatting.
  • --~~~~ - Signature, for signing discussion on :Talk pages, like this. --Rjf 01:42, 24 Aug 2005 (CDT)
  • ---- - This produces a horizontal bar, like the one below.

You can usually hover the mouse over buttons to see what they do.

Advanced Wiki Website Help

Until I get around to adding more Help:Editing here you can get advanced help at the WikiPedia:Help:Contents page, keep in mind that the Wikipedia Help is extensive as this external site is an encyclopedia.