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Smart Charging

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Smart charging provides a communication network between electric vehicles, the battery charging equipment and a smart electric grid.

A. This can enable electric vehicles that are plugged in for charging to help stabilize the electric grid. 1) Temporarily suspending EV charging can help prevent blackouts whenever electric demand exceeds electric generation capacity, 2) EVs could provide even greater protection against blackouts if electric utilities could temporarily take power back from the EV batteries into the electric grid at critical times (i.e. vehicle-to-grid). 3) EV charging could be increased whenever there is a surplus of electricity available from intermittent power sources such as wind and solar. 4) Drivers who allow their EVs to participate in smart charging could get cash rebates from the electric utilities.

B. Smart charging could also enable the EV driver to program a charging session either for immediate charging or for delayed charging at a time when electric rates will be lower.

C. Smartphone apps could provide maps and driving directions to nearby charging stations and identify chargers that are open vs. occupied.

D. Smart charging could enable your electric charging to be billed to your home no matter where you plug in your vehicle.



. . . Animated story on smart charging of electric vehicles through smart pricing policies.


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