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Notice about Maillist Subscriptions:
This wiki account is not related to the EAA-PHEV Maillist, requesting an account here will not get you subscribed to the maillist. To join the maillist follow the instructions on maillist homepage here .

Notice about Editing Articles:
Some of the pages are protected from anonymous edits, so you need a wiki account to make changes to them. Although you can edit the discussion pages without a wiki account. So if you would like to see something changed you can let us know by following the discussion link at to top of any page, click on the + link to add a new comment.

Notice about Wiki Accounts:
Wiki Account creation is currently restricted in order to cut down on abuse, send a message to Account-11(at)eaa-phev(dot)org with the subject of EAA-PHEV Account Request. In the body of the message please include your full name, desired username, and a brief description of yourself your interests or expertise as they relate to PHEVs. Once reviewed an account will be created and you will be notified via the email address from which the request originated. Unless instructed otherwise we will use your full name and description to create an initial user page for you which you can then modify once you've logged in.

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