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waltonC ferris:12/28/06: 1) "SOC" wasn't defined; I'd guess it means state of charge but us newbies don't know.

2) in the CANview discussion of parameters to run the relays I'm totally lost - the combination of a "> 77 OFF < 75" doesn't mean anything to me. What is OFF?

3) Is it really just an/off connection? We just connect together two low resistance battery packs which are at different voltages and let the amperes flow between them? And disconnect when the combination reaches a suitable low voltage?

4) Of course there will be a section about the CAN buss.

Todo We need to get photos of CAN-View's screens up here with pointers to the PHEV/ORIG options and on the PHEV page to show the relay status.

Old CAN-View settings / description from Ron (doesn't seem to be consistent)

The following are the parameters that Ron is currently using for the CAN-View relays: (RL2 and RL3 are NOR'd together; the result is OR'd with RL5 OR RL6; the EV-only parameter is not used):

  • RL2: ON > 77 OFF < 75 %SOC -OR- ON < 55 OFF > 60 CCL for 0 seconds
  • RL3: ON < 40 OFF > 45 mph -OR- ON < 5 OFF > 20 %throttle for 3 seconds
  • RL5: ON < 200 OFF > 235V -OR- ON < 200 OFF > 235V for 0 seconds
  • RL6: ON < 60 OFF >63 %SOC -OR- ON < 60 OFF > 63% SOC for 0 seconds

Note: The result of "RL2 NOR RL3" is the AND of the complement of all four RL2/RL3 conditions. Therefore, the above "(RL2 NOR RL3) OR RL5 OR RL6" control board logic, when simplified (ignoring the "X seconds" timing), becomes the following logic for activating HVRL1, which parallels the PHEV and OEM battery:

( < 77 OFF > 75 % SOC
    -AND- > 55 OFF < 60 CCL
    -AND- > 40 OFF < 45 mph
    -AND- > 5 OFF < 20 %throttle)
        -OR- < 200 OFF > 235V
        -OR- < 60 OFF > 63 %SOC