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Prius EV Mode Button

The Prius EV Mode Button and your Warranty

  • Regarding your warranty - Yahoo PriusPlus post.
    • The Law
    • Federal law sets forth requirements for warranties and contains a number of provisions to prevent vehicle manufacturers, dealers and others from unjustly denying warranty coverage. With regard to aftermarket parts, the spirit of the law is that warranty coverage cannot be denied simply because such parts are present on the vehicle, or have been used(see Attachment A).The warranty coverage can be denied only if the aftermarket part caused the malfunction or damage for which warranty coverage is sought. Disputes in this area usually boil down to arguments over facts and technical opinions, rather than arguments over interpretations of the law.

PHEV Conversions

Of course other PHEV modifications discussed here are not nearly as "stock", reversable, and non-intrusive. Sure would be nice to expand on how converters could preserve their warranties.