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Target outline (subject to change):

  • An brief overview of the conversion, link to the main PriusPlus page for more in depth info
  • Perhaps a "preview" of what they will be doing (maybe something similar to this outline?)
  • Making decisions before starting the conversion
    • Choosing a mounting method (done)
    • Choosing the charger (list options - currently ZiVan NG3, DeltaQ (not available), Brusa, ManzitaMicro)
    • Bumper inlet vs. mounted cord reel maillist discussion
  • Install CAN-View (first because it really helps in understanding how the Prius works)
  • Building sub components
    • Battery trays
    • Battery box supports
    • Battery box top
    • Electronics tray / box
      • Mechanical construction of tray / box
      • Control board assembly
      • LED board assembly
      • Internal electronics tray/box wiring (yet to be written - though schematics exist)
    • Charger mounting brackets (yet to be written)

Perhaps a page break here in the future after things get solidified more?

  • Installation into the Prius (the intent is that any prep work can be done before this point, so this step (which involves tearing apart the Prius) takes as little time as possible.)
    • Remove the really basic stuff (the false floor, spare tire, storage bin)
    • Route the EV mode wire and CAN-View cable to the trunk area
    • Install charger / electronics box (for alt. mounting method) and related interconnect wiring
    • Install 120v outlets / power supply (classic mounting method)
    • Install battery box supports (alt. and classic, but different instructions for each)
    • Install electronics tray and related interconnects (classic method)
    • Dis-assemble the rest of the Prius trunk (instructions are written already on mechanical page)
    • Do the OEM battery fan wiring modification (same for both, length of wire to control board is the only difference)
    • Do the OEM battery tie in and tap the "READY" wire (requires disassembling the OEM battery, running HV wire - most of this already written)
    • Re-assemble the Prius trunk.
    • Tap into the 12v. accessory battery
    • install & wire batteries and put on the battery box top (this needs to be one fluid step - it isn't safe to drive the car while the batteries are loose.)
    • First, basic test of system - (yet to be written, but we have a lot of emails that could be translated into a paragraph from getting Jim Philippi's car working.)
    • Programming CAN-View, control board, etc
    • Optional - bumper inlet instructions or mounted cord reel.

Master PriusPlus Todo List

The priorities are assigned based strictly on how critical they are to somebody being able to actually do a conversion.

High Priority

  • Finish the HV parts list, move all the parts lists onto the Parts List page and add links from the main step-by-step page to the parts lists where necessary.
  • Create diagrams of wiring for the individual connectors coming off the control board
  • Verify battery box base mounting / add details needed (classic method)
  • Details on mounting the GFCI outlet box in the tire well (classic method)
  • Details on mounting & wiring the electronics tray/box components (diagrams are created and on the page already, wiring needs to be addressed)
  • Write up battery prep, installation & wiring
    • Needs a diagram of how to lay out batteries

Medium Priority

  • Add copies of all diagrams and schematics to the RawData page
  • Details on cutting and assembly of electronics tray plastic (classic PriusPlus method.)
  • Write up mounting the DeltaQ charger in the driver's side cubby hole (classic method)
  • Go through the documentation and make it a smooth read from start to finish
  • Placement of thermistors (photos)
  • Write up 120v Heater, Charger, power supply, relays & outlets (and hardwiring option)
  • Optional charger isolation relay wiring.
  • Details on battery box base mounting for alt. mounting method (Chris)
  • Write up assembly of electronics box plastic for alt. mounting method (Chris)

Low Priority

  • Write up Prius re-assembly instructions.
  • Write up mounting the cord reel (someone who has done a Classic conversion.)
  • Write up Amp meter mounting (to be listed as optional - very low priority right now)
  • Write up diagnostic LEDs board mounting - Use self-tapping screws to mount it to the roof of the tray just inside the glass door under the radio. To run the ribbon cable, open up the dash and run a cable as shown it this diagram [or drill a hole in the back of the tray, at the upper left as you look at it]. (Make and add diagram.)
  • V4 Screen mounting (low priority because it can be found elsewhere)
  • Explain molex crimping tool?
  • Write up snubber creation
  • How to crimp PP75's
  • Improve (clean up layout) CAN-View/EV mode instructions
  • General organization
    • Make the DigiKey parts lists more visable
    • Sync up the DigiKey parts list with the latest lists that Jim provided (Chris)
    • Clean up parts lists, fix photos, etc