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This is here for the time being to help with organizing:

Todo (high priority): Someone who has done a "classic" PriusPlus conversion needs to do the following:

  1. Verify battery box base mounting / touch up / add any details needed (classic PriusPlus method)
  2. Write up mounting the GFCI outlet box in the tire well (classic PriusPlus method)
  3. Write up mounting the DeltaQ charger in the driver's side cubby hole
  4. Write up cutting and assembly of electronics tray plastic (classic PriusPlus method.)
  5. Write up mounting the electronics tray components (diagrams are created and on the page already, wiring is a different section,
  1. Write up battery box base mounting for alt. mounting method (Chris)
  2. Write up mounting the charger alt. mounting method (Chris)
  3. Write up assembly of electronics box plastic for alt. mounting method (Chris)

Todo (low priority):

  1. Write up Prius re-assembly instructions.
  2. Write up mounting the cord reel
  3. Write up installing the bumper inlet (options for front or rear + routing cables)
  4. Write up Amp meter mounting (to be listed as optional)
  5. Write up diagnostic LEDs board mounting - Use self-tapping screws to mount it to the roof of the tray just inside the glass door under the radio. To run the ribbon cable, open up the dash and run a cable as shown it this diagram [or drill a hole in the back of the tray, at the upper left as you look at it]. (Make and add diagram.)
  6. V4 Screen mounting (low priority because it can be found elsewhere)