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careful who you criticize

While I believe that many who buy the hybrid SUV are in it for the "green factor", some of us have other reasons. I live in Northwest Montana, we average 3+ feet of snow on the roads in the winter. For those of us outside of the city plowed streets, we are required to have AWD to get the kids to school and back. When the snow overnight is 10+ inches, the Prius would be done, even with snow tires and studs. The Hybrid SUV is the only environmentally savvy solution. Only Ford and Toyota are in this game right now, and Ford leads the way with price vs. mpg. You may criticize some of us, but be careful about your point of view.

No undue criticism was intended, I've reviewed the article an attempted to correct some of the POV issues. --Rjf 06:36, 7 July 2007 (CDT)