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This past Sunday, Dec 10 2006 was unveiled the completion by Horacio R Calvento of his own 2004 Prius to a PHEV vehicle at the LIPOG's [1] monthly meet-up, were present members, neighboring states guest, reporters of local newspaper and media and family members.

As nick name, the car was christening as "DUAL PWR-PHEV" and is the 

first and only known Toyota Prius converted to PHEV in the East coast of our country, right now conversion number 22. The project was built with sponsors donations and selected equipment and electrical materials, Panasonic Industrial provided the 20 28Ah AGM batteries through Jayso Electronics, a local Bronx distributor, Xantrex Electronics USA the XBM (battery monitor, interface and PC software for it), ManzanitaMicro supplied the PFC40H AC/DC-DC converter, CANview equipment from HybridInterfaces was previously own. Planning, designing and fabrication of the covered batteries box, wiring harness and platform to support the add on pack took 4 months on spare weekends and free time and every penny of the piggy bank, but finally completed and operational. Technical support was given by members of eaa-phev, the same PriusPlus guide, equipment manufacturers and members of other technical forums to witch I'm greatly appreciated. Pictures of DUAL PWR-PHEV will be posted at LIPOG's website and PriusChat. The technical presentation on the electrical operation of this system will be also posted at LIPOG's website for [[open source information for others to fallow.]]Respectfuly "mrbigh" Horacio R Calvento E.E. CSM