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Prius PHEV Schematics High Voltage Parts List

Parts List Version 2c.:

  • F1-4 : LPJ-60SP fuse in JT60060 finger-safe holder
  • F3,4 : AGC 1/4A, 1250VAC fuse in HFA holder
  • F5 : ATC-15 32V blade fuse in HHD in-line holder
  • Thr1-4 : thermister, 10K @ 25 deg C, -4.40%/degC DigiKey:KC003T-ND or DigiKey:KC009G-ND
  • more...

Parts List Version 1a.:

  • F1 - 4 = Bussman LPJ-60P fues in Bussman JT60060 holder
  • F6 - 7 = 0.5A 3AG inline fuse
  • Thr1-4 = thermister, 10K @ 25 deg C
  • Battery ECU plug replaced with Wire Frame, Toyota P/N 82165-47040 (part of battery tap)
  • HVRL1 = Kilovac EV200
  • Misc Anderson PP180 & PP15 connectors single pole multi pole
  • The contactor, welding cable, economy welding cable crimper, lugs, fans, miscellaneous equipment and electronics supplies, including the isolated DC power supply, are available at