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PHEV-modifier definition

Ryan: I noticed you answered some of the questions on the main page, regarding the PHEV acronym and it's optional electric range rating modifier.

What does the number after the PHEV represent, how do we measure their mileage and performance? This number represents the electric propulsion range of the PHEV before it must depend upon its internal combustion engine for motive power. In English-system (vs. metric) countries like the U.S, it is in miles. A PHEV-20, for example, has a 20-mile electric-only range. Due to its limitations, the PRIUS+ is more complex to describe, as, in mixed city and highway driving it is only 50:50 electric/gasoline. CalCars' original PRIUS+, though actually a PHEV-10, generally travels 20 miles at double its hybrid gasoline mileage (rather than 10 miles powered purely electrically) before its battery is depleted.

Ryan: I was wondering, did we just make this up, or is it somewhat established?
Ron: It's established, though possibly only in the U.S, as I've never seen e.g. PHEV-20 referring to 20 km range instead of 20 mi. It's possible that EPRI was the first to use this designation, though I've now seen it in many places.
Ryan: I tend to agree that the number should represent the all electric range, whereby production and conversion BEVs could be rated for their range, had then unlimited gas range. So the Tango would be a PHEV-80, the Li-ion tzero a 30mpg PHEV-300, which it is with it's pusher trailer.
Ron: I thought the Tango was a pure BEV, which would make it a BEV-80, I guess. I'm not shure what you're getting at, but yes, PHEVs are assumed to have unlimited gasoline range via quick refills at a gas station, though I could imagine a series hybrid design where the ICE is too small to support unlimited gasoline operation. Yes, the tzero with its trailer would be both a serial hybrid and a PHEV-300!
Ryan: What do you think about adding a modifier for Mixed-mode such as PHEV-m20 for the Prius that may be more appropriate for it's capabilities.
Perhaps PHEV-10/20 as the electric/gas mixed-mode range.
Is it worth getting into trying to define mixed-mode as strictly double gas mileage or presumably 50/50 electric gas power output. Admitadly it's more complex than that, but I'm looking to a time when PHEVs with freeway capable electric modes are common. This isn't exactly federal gas mileage ratings, which would still simply state the never-plugged-in gas mileage of a PHEV. --Rjf 02:30, 28 February 2006 (CST)
Ron: I think anything beyond the established designations would be too confusing for non-EVers.