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PHEVLER (i.e. Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle Long Electric Range; pronounced "fevler") is a new subcategory developing among the electric vehicles. A PHEVLER is defined as a PHEV with battery capacity enough for all electric driving of double the average daily driving distance. In the USA the average daily driving distance is 30 to 35 miles, so the 2016 Chevrolet Volt with an electric range of 53 miles is the first commercial car to (almost) qualify as a PHEVLER.

Their long electric range plus more driving range using liquid fuel enables the dual fuel PHEVLERs to provide outstanding value to the drivers and to the fueling systems that support them. The long electric range enables PHEVLERs to accomplish most of their daily driving distance on most days using only electric fuel. PHEVLERs (and the PHEVs with shorter electric range) eliminate the range anxiety that can be a problem for battery electric vehicles (BEVs), making the PHEVLERs ideal for both short distance and long distance travel. PHEVLERs are especially useful for vehicle-grid-integration to balance the electric power grid and to redistribute the energy from intermittent renewable energy sources such as wind and solar.

PHEVLERs will be ZERO net CO2 vehicles when fueled exclusively with renewable electricity and advanced biofuel. Biofuel will have a carbon footprint of zero when sunlight, biofuel and renewable electricity are the only energy inputs used for growth, production and delivery of the biofuel (i.e. zero fossil fuel used). PHEVLERs would average about 90% electric fuel and 10% biofuel consumption, making them ideal vehicles to help eliminate fossil fuel use in transportation.


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