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PriusBlue Mileage 2007


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This is the 2007 Mileage logs for Ryans 2005 PriusBlue.

Date Miles Gallons Odo & Comb
Gas + Elec $
Gas Cost Mileage kWh Elec Cost
2007 Totals 11852.2272.360$0.0683 / mi$808.2843.51725.76$1.67 PriusBlue Mileage
12/14307.3 9.65652460$29.5431.8200HEV, Danika, (dash 32.7mpg)
11/12311.2 8.99452152$28.4134.6000HEV, Danika, (dash 34.2mpg)
10/06402.310.16051841$29.0539.600.85$0.06HEV, Danika, one PHEV trip, (dash 40.7mpg)
09/01453.6 9.99151438$27.5745.401.81$0.12HEV, Danika, one PHEV trip, (dash 44.6mpg)
08/17454.9 9.86650985$26.8346.114.60$0.30HEV, Danika, two PHEV trips, (dash 48.1mpg)
08/05467.9 8.47950530$23.9055.1800Final leg of trip home and HEV at home (dash 45.2mpg)
07/26394.110.08850062$30.8639.07005/5, WA, trip:14:21-393.27-27mph-0.5g/h-47mpg-43%-18.34Ah (dash 47.1mpg)
07/25377.5 8.06949668$24.2046.78004/5, MT, 6:52-376.46-55mph-1.2g/h-42mpg-74%-10.51Ah (dash 43.4mpg)
07/25302.5 8.03449290$23.9337.65003/5, WY, trip:11.03-302.31-27mph-0.6g/h-44mpg-50%-13.92 (dash 43.6mpg)
07/25353.6 7.76648988$23.9145.53002/5, SD, trip:10.14-353.32-35mph-0.7g/h-42mpg-57%-13.87Ah (dash 44.5mpg)
07/24369.1 7.55848634$23.5748.84001/5, IA (dash 48.1mpg)
07/23433.2 9.39648265$28.4646.1000Tank at I-80 Truck Stop before heading home (dash 49.2mpg)
07/21407.1 8.41947832$26.9347.4000Tank in Geneseo before Hybrid Fest Trip (dash 47.4mpg) (2* Dunlop SP30 @47740)
07/16405.4 8.06047425$25.5450.301.55$0.104/4, IA, trip:404.44-35mph-0.7g/h-49mpg-15.34Ah-59%ice (Dash 50.7mpg)
07/15530.411.12847019$36.2747.66003/4, SD, trip:? EV-Mode 3.81 miles (7.54Ah) to get gas in Mitchel (dash 51.6mpg)
07/14480.1 8.68046489$26.0355.31002/4, WY trip:479.63-45mph-0.9g/h-49mpg-12.53Ah (dash 51.0mpg) (Out of gas)
07/14449.910.73946009$32.8541.89001/4, MT, trip:448.89-60mph-1.2g/h-46mpg-11.42Ah (dash 49.0mpg)
07/14354.3 8.83145559$27.7240.121.95$0.13HEV, Last tank at home before roadtrip (dash 42.0mpg)
06/23412.8 8.86945204$27.4946.544.83$0.31HEV, Danika, one PHEV trip, Dash 46.2mpg
06/03410.2 8.93844791$29.0445.891.44$0.09HEV, Danika, one PHEV trip, Dash 44.9mpg
05/07475.2 9.64444381$33.2649.2700HEV, Ryan from show in Pasco Wa, Danika, Dash 48.8mpg
04/27430.310.59943906$34.5440.6000HEV, Ryan to show in Pasco Wa, Dash 42.4mpg
04/20438.410.10843476$32.1343.3700HEV, Danika, Dash 43.9mpg
04/04359.5 9.36143036$28.0738.4000HEV, Danika, Dash 41.6mpg
03/18278.0 9.00142678$25.1930.8900HEV, Danika, Dash 41.3mpg
03/04291.6 6.22942400$15.8946.8100HEV, Danika, Dash 38.3mpg
02/13390.1 8.73342108$20.4344.678.73$0.57HEV, Danika, Dash 44.7mpg
01/28305.5 8.35441718$20.3836.5700HEV, Danika, Dash 37.8mpg
01/10411.2 8.38841412$21.9749.02006/6 WA, finished roadtrip and back to normal commutes (dash 41.3mpg)

[edit] More Mileage Data

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