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PriusBlue Mileage


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This is the Mileage logs for Ryans 2005 PriusBlue.

[edit] More Mileage Data

[edit] Mileage Data

Miles Gallons Odo&Comb
Gas Cost Mileage kWh Elec Cost
Totals 60188.01362.284$0.0650 / mi$3,900.9844.182 177.36 $11.53 Cumulative Lifetime Totals XX mpge
10/05326.6 9.01060274$32.0736.2500HEV, Danika, (dash 36.5mpg)
08/23400.3 9.71259948$37.3141.2200HEV, Danika, (dash unknown) D's First gas, didn't write it down.
08/05299.0 6.58659547$26.7345.4000HEV, Danika, (dash 41.6mpg)
07/27381.3 9.54659248$40.6639.94006/6, WA, (dash 43.4mpg)
07/27312.1 7.41058867$30.3742.12005/6, MT, (dash 40.7mpg)
07/26382.510.58558555$43.4936.14004/6, MT, (dash 42.8mpg)
07/26376.8 8.00858172$35.1547.05003/6, SD, (dash 40.3mpg)
07/25369.410.80857796$41.0634.18002/6, IA, Lake Town visiting Devin (dash 44.6mpg)
07/25412.6 7.72957426$30.0653.38001/6, IA, I-80 Truck Stop (dash 43.4mpg)
07/17463.810.17957013$43.1545.5600HEV, Geneseo (dash 46.3mpg)
07/14363.2 7.68856550$29.9047.24004/4, IA Storm Lake, trip:? (dash 47.2mpg) Geneseo @351.0 49mpg
07/13380.9 9.09756186$38.2041.87003/4, SD, trip:? (dash 43.8mpg)
07/13474.6 9.28455805$38.6151.12002/4, WY, trip:473.45-53mph-1.0g/h-51mpg-11.64Ah (dash 49.9mpg)
07/12491.510.14055331$41.5648.47001/4, MT, trip:491.30-51mph-0.9g/h-53mph-11.95Ah (dash 52.2mph)
07/12315.3 7.86954839$33.8340.0700HEV, Danika, (dash 42.7mpg)
06/03381.1 9.60454524$40.2339.6800HEV, Danika, (dash 38.8mpg)
04/26377.8 9.85154143$36.2438.3500HEV, Danika, (dash 39.3mpg)
03/28293.6 8.84053765$30.4933.2100HEV, Danika, (dash 33.9mpg)
02/23315.6 9.31253471$30.7233.8900HEV, Danika, (dash 34.7mpg)
01/28337.7 9.05353155$27.1537.301.28$0.08HEV, Danika, one PHEV trip, (dash 36.3mpg)
01/05358.110.16352818$31.7035.2400HEV, Danika, (dash 37.1mpg)
2007 11852.2272.360$0.0683 / mi$808.2843.51725.76$1.67A few tanks from PriusBlue Mileage 2007
08/17454.9 9.86650985$26.8346.114.60$0.30HEV, Danika, two PHEV trips, (dash 48.1mpg)
07/21407.1 8.41947832$26.9347.4000Tank in Geneseo before Hybrid Fest Trip (dash 47.4mpg) (2* Dunlop SP30 @47740)
07/15530.411.12847019$36.2747.66003/4, SD, trip:? EV-Mode 3.81 miles (7.54Ah) to get gas in Mitchel (dash 51.6mpg)
07/14480.1 8.68046489$26.0355.31002/4, WY trip:479.63-45mph-0.9g/h-49mpg-12.53Ah (dash 51.0mpg) (Out of gas)
04/27430.310.59943906$34.5440.6000HEV, Ryan to show in Pasco Wa, Dash 42.4mpg
2006 23696.4534.932$0.0617 / mi$1,452.24 44.298 150.32$9.77A few tanks from PriusBlue Mileage 2006
07/20684.7 9.51127503$28.5271.9968.10$4.43First true PHEV tank, mostly 28 mile commutes, $0.0481 / mi, ~20% EV

68kWh is the energy equivalent of approx. 2 gal. of gas,
however we utilize a higher percentage of its potential energy.

05/15423.06.98725040$22.0060.549.68$0.63HEV/PHEV, First tank using PHEV mode.
05/09414.49.73524617$33.2842.570$0HEV, Wenatchee (first 6.4mile E-trip)
04/21397.28.99622011$26.0844.15 To Inaugural Maker Faire
2005 16825.6364.518$0.0536/m$901.7846.158 A few tanks from PriusBlue Mileage 2005
10/06485.810.3167765 $29.0847.09 Ryan, error to low.
09/29500.4 8.5937279 $25.4358.23 Ryan, error to high, 30 mile commutes.
07/21275.7 7.4201797 $18.8437.15 Vacation (@70-80mph! Much AC!)
07/16259.0 4.911 259 $11.8852.73 Purchased 7/14/2005, First Tank.

[edit] Other Mileage Information

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