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Fox News - Make a hybrid vehicle - NetGain EAS/EMIS

Here is a real DIY Kit! It works and is available today!

Convert existing vehicles to gas/electric hybrids in a single day and save 25%+ on fuel!

DIY any auto to hybrid

I can tell you how to make any car or truck into a hybrid and Ill probably do this to mine when I get time. Well first you find that switch on the trans[automatic ] that wont let you start in drive hot wire it probably just cut and twist the wires together. Next get a floor starter button and put it in the floor board like they had in the old days. After that all you do is screw your idle way down on the carb so she just stalls when you take your foot of the gas. thats it!! automatics are a lot smoother but with a stick you go farther full electric.dont cost much shure to payback quick.

I got another idea too just dump LP gas in to the intake air on any of the new fuel injected engines not too much just enough to make the ox sensor back down the gasoline consumption no need to get fancy about LP volumes let the computer squeeze down on the gas supply tryin to figure it out I think it would work but I wont try till I figure how to deal with a backfire through the air mass sensor ?

cheaper is always better -- 19:26, 29 August 2006

That's all fairly amusing, a little sarcasm is surely healthy. Unfortunently I'm pretty sure that both of your ideas would destroy part if not all of your non-hybrid powertrain. So don't try these at home kids ;) --Rjf 14:21, 30 August 2006 (CDT)

My view is a little different than cheaper is always better.

I feel we need to start putting the cleanest choices in our transportation and energy use. The pollution we make from using so called cheap coal makes more pollution and hazards than the so called more expensive renewable energy.

This is the same for batteries. Lead acid is short term cheaper but don't last long and don't give the range and long life we need. The NiMH batteries in the Toyota RAV4 have lasted more than 100,000 miles and are still going. Lead acid are lucjy to last 10,000 and many are much shorter.

Let's all stop short term cheap thinking and look at the big picture and clean long range thinking, sustainable should be the goal. I have a solar grid tied system I installed in 2001 before incentives and before net-metering. I now drive a 2005 Prius that I will make into a plug-in as soon as A123 offers the lithium battery packs in 2008. Jstack6 Aug 18,2007