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Conversion Interest


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Please see the current state of documentation and questions at PriusPlus; and discussion at Talk:PriusPlus.

Per eaa-phev maillist 'Conversion instructions' message of 10/18/2006

Request for Show of Interest in Converting Prius to PHEV Instructions

Please respond directly to by copying these questions into your message and adding your answer after each one. Any response is not a commitment to buy anything, or an order, but a way to help us make it easy for you by helping determine how far to go in having components made. We want to know from the converters the following:

1. How definite are you about doing a conversion with our open source plans?
2. What is your timeframe?
3. What fabricated components or assemblies are you interested in buying, at the following estimated prices?

Estimated Fabrication Costs

Assembled and tested circuit board $250-500
Battery tray (4 needed) $150-250
Battery box top $150-200
Battery box foundation $150-200
Electronics tray, assembled and wired $500-1K
Set of pre-built battery cables $150-200
Pre-built low-power wiring harness $150-300
Total (including 4 trays) $1950-2500

These are estimates for the labor only; approximate components costs are at PriusPlus#Parts_availability.

4. Are you interested in becoming a fabricator and/or kit supplier?

This question applies to for-profit businesses (we know of one or two who may be interested) as well as to individuals.

a. Are you interested in fabricating subassemblies? If so, which ones?
b. Are you interested in assembling components into full or partial kits?
c. Would you be interested in organizing the orders? We need a volunteer or for-profit business to organize this process of deciding what the interest is, what can be economically be built given that interest, who will do it; then how to commission, order, pay for, collect, store, and deliver the parts and subassemblies.

[edit] References

    General Disclaimer:   (HV) (DC) injury or death hazard,   use at your own risk,   may void warranty.

    HV (High Voltage) DC (Direct Current) Warning: Traction Battery Packs, Motors, Chargers, and other HV sources could cause serious injury or death if proper precautions are not taken while working on or around such High Voltage Direct Current sources.

    Use this information at your own risk: There is no warranty expressed nor implied and we are not liable for any of your past, present, nor future actions. Even should you perform these modifications to the letter you could still damage any number of components in your vehicle causing it to no longer function. Even if it appears to function properly your actions may cause it to self destruct with collateral damage to surrounding properties other than your vehicle. By utilizing these ideas and instructions in an attempting to enhance national security, reduce gas consumption, vehicle "emissions", your carbon footprint, or smog, you do so at your own risk & peril.

    Warranty: In performing some of these modifications you may void your warranty with the vehicles manufacturer.

    See also our EAA-PHEV:General disclaimer

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