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You don't seem to plug in much?

I'm curious about these numbers. It seems that when you plug it in, you get considerably better mileage, but it doesn't seem that you plug the car in very often. Why is that?

Well, you see my "not-so-technical" wife is the primary driver of our Prius because she isn't a big fan of my 5-speed MT Honda Insight. So until I feel confident enough in the system to let her drive it without my watchful eye it only gets PHEV use on the weekends when I drive. Because I only get to work on it about one day a week, and often times am working on other cars and systems before my own, the completion of mine has been slow going. The system works just fine and only exhibited some quarks early on in it's development but I need to know that it's absolutely bullet proof before I turn her loose with it. She's also doesn't want to use it until I can tell her that it's "Finished", well "finished enough" anyway. Unlike me, she has little interest in watching the CAN-View screens and wouldn't recognize anything unusual even if she did. It's actually good as this should force me to eventually finish the conversion to the point that anyone can use it, it's getting close.
The 71.99 mpg tank on 07/20/2006 was the only tank that I got to drive the car and use the PHEV mode on nearly every trip. That tank also included a pair of 60 mile non-PHEV trips and unfortunately my commute is about 8 miles further than the car's ideal 100mpg Mixed-mode range of about 20 miles, so I only got 72 mpg. I regularly get well over 100 mpg, if not entirely pure electric, trips on the weekends when I turn the system on and get to drive around town on errands. Hopefully I'll soon get the conversion finished to the point that Danika can drive it for her sub-10 mile commutes on a daily basis, she should get some very good results once she gets to use it's new PHEV superpowers. --Rjf 04:41, 14 February 2007 (CST)