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Click show for a short list of the current PHEV conversion and kit options for the Toyota Prius.

For Prius conversion details see the Prius PHEV article and comparisons table.

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Hybrids-Plus was a PHEV conversion system for the Toyota Prius and the Ford Escape, based in Boulder CO. EEtrex absorbed assets and took over conversions.

EEtrex formerly Hybridspluslogo.gif

Vehicle specs

Location of stock battery pack in a Prius. Note location of spare tire.
Location of Hybrids-Plus battery pack in a Prius.Note that you can still reach the spare tire.
  • Two models: Prius-15 and Prius-30
  • Pure EV range (< 34 mph): 15 miles / 30 miles
  • PHEV range (conservative driving, after full charge): 25 miles / 50 miles
  • PHEV fuel efficiency (conservative, full charge): 100 mpg
  • Adds 30 / 70 kg to vehicle mass
  • Conversion locations:
    • In place of OEM battery, and taking some of the space occupied by the black tray in trunk
    • Maintains access to spare tire, in its original location
    • Charge plug in rear bumper


Block Diagram of stock battery pack
Block Diagram of PHEV pack.
  • Original traction pack and Battery ECU removed
  • New traction pack:
    • Iron-Phosphate LiIon - 26650 cells (same chemistry as DeWalt 36V battery packs)
    • 4.5 / 9 kWh
  • Electronics:
    • Charger:
      • 1.35 KW, 115 Vac @ 15 A
      • Non-isolated from AC-line (traction pack is isolated from rest of vehicle during charging)
      • Power Factor Controlled Step-up
      • 80% DOD to charged in 5 / 9 hours
      • Proprietary custom design
    • BMS
      • One module per set of parallel cells, with charge current pypass shunt
      • A BMS controller, powered by vehicle aux 12 V, isolated from traction pack
      • Proprietary custom design
    • Controller
      • Interfaces to BMS, charger, vehicle
      • CAN interface to the vehicle
      • Powered by vehicle aux 12 V
      • Proprietary custom design


An Inverger is a trademark of Hybrids Plus for a device that combines an Inverter and a Charger, to transfer electrical power in either direction between a battery and the grid. It may be used in gridable EVs such as Battery Electric Vehicles (BEV) and Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicles (PHEV).


  • Carl Lawrence
  • Nancy Balch

General Timeline

  • June 7 2006 - Hybrids Plus incorporated
  • July 7 2006 - 1st contract: Colorado Office of Energy Management for PHEV-30 conversion
  • Sep 18 2006 - Demonstrated the State of Colorado car in Fort Collins, at the Colorado Tech Week
  • Nov 20 2006 - 2nd contract: Ford Escape conversion for NYSERDA
  • Dec 1 2006 - 3rd contract: New Jersey Prius for PHEV-30 conversion
  • April 2009 - ceased to exist, assets and activities absorbed by EEtrex