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Low Carbon Fuel Standard

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A Low Carbon Fuel Standard (LCFS) is a policy intended to reduce the amount of carbon (CO2) greenhouse gas pollution produced from use of transportation fuels. Low carbon alternative fuels include biofuel and electric fuel generated from renewable energy sources. LCFS policies have been implemented in Oregon, California, British Columbia, and the European Union. Some additional U.S. states are considering LCFS policies.


  • California should stay on track with standard on cleaner fuels - Sacramento Bee 01feb2015 "California’s commitment to developing cleaner fuels is paying dividends for companies, the state and the nation. The businesses we represent are eager to cement those gains. They hope California’s leaders will go even further, setting higher greenhouse gas reduction targets for fuels and extending the low-carbon fuel standard beyond its current 2020 expiration date."
  • Moving Forward with the Low Carbon Fuel Standard – ITS UCDavis 11july2014 "California voters, and their Legislature and Governor, have acted decisively and repeatedly to be leaders in addressing climate change through an ambitious set of carbon reduction policies, including maintaining the state’s goal to promote innovation in fuels and vehicles." " The U.S. market share of electric cars is increasing with more than a third of national sales occurring in California. Each additional gasoline gallon equivalent of electricity used in cars displaces three gallons of gasoline at a quarter of the price and one-third the carbon emissions, compared to gasoline."



  • Low Carbon Fuel Standard - California Energy Commission "The Low Carbon Fuel Standard (LCFS) is administered by the California Air Resources Board. Established In 2007 through a Governor’s Executive Order, it uses a market-based cap and trade approach to lowering the greenhouse gas emissions from petroleum-based transportation fuels like reformulated gasoline and diesel."
  • National LCFS - "A Low Carbon Fuel Standard (LCFS) is a fuel policy designed to reduce the amount of carbon in transportation fuels. To date, such policies have been implemented in California, the European Union and British Columbia. Several other U.S. states have begun considering similar policies."

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